MapBoards Pro Description

What is a map? A map is the arrangement of component bodies in a model on one or more targeted boards. The arrangement is done with copies of the bodies leaving the model in tact. Placement of the bodies is based on a tight retangular bounding box for the bodies. This provides quick results and reasonable nesting.

The placement of components can be manually flipped, rotated and moved.  See the description for Moving components on map

Options are available to export a flat pattern of this map as a DXF or SVG file in one step or two steps by producing a map first then performing tasks to export the flat pattern. Since you can manually rearrange the components on the resulting map you may prefer the stepwise process of creating the map, making changes then exporting a flat pattern.

See a description of the tasks targeting the map component and how to invoke them here. Map Component Tasks

The default is to create a map of all component bodies in the model. You can also select which components or bodies to be included from either the browser tree or the model itself. When doing so the selected bodies will be displayed with the option to specify a replication count for each selected body.

View all available options here.  MapBoards Pro Options