Selection Support

By default all component bodies are included in the created map. Alternatively you can select which component bodies that you want included in the map.  By selecting a component occurrence or a component body from the browser tree or a body in the design view a second selection table is displayed. The selected component bodies are displayed in this table. This example shows two components selected of type Walnut allowing their quantities and grain direction to be changed while still allowing the entire model to be included in the created map.

  • Include Entire Model - Include all components in model with the modifications made to the selected items.
  • Quantity - The selected item's number of copies can be increased from the default of one.
  • Grain Direction - When creating the map each component's longest dimension, its length, is placed horizontally matching the targeted board length. This is an attempt to match wood grain direction.  This default is changed by toggling the double-arrowed icon on the selected item, horizontal image or vertical image.