Rearranging Map

Component bodies in the map created can be manually flipped, rotated and moved in three ways.

Flip Component

Note: Flipping components must be done before any other movement.

  • Select component in map
  • Right click, and click Flip
Rotate and Move

Notes: Flipping bodies, if desired, must be done before any other movement.  Run Label Map task on map object to correct labeling after move.

To move body on map

  • Select body in map
  • Right click and select Unsuppress Joint (1)
  • Double click the displayed joint (2)
  • Rotate or Move within or between the boards
  • Press Enter to complete move
  • Right click body and select Suppress Joint (3)
Simple Moves

Note: A simple approach can be used if you do not wish to rotate components.

  • Click Top on the view cube to align the top facing forward.  This assumes the Map Orientation option matches the user preferences for modeling orientation.
  • Flip components if desired
  • Click and drag the components within or between the boards