Save As SVG Description

Latest Version:1.338

This doumentation is based on the latest version. Updates will be downloaded and installed when Save As SVG is run and will require a Fusion restart to activate.
View version history here.

How to Use

The Save As SVG add-in app is invoked from the context menu of a sketch object in the browser tree.


The options included are as follows:

Line Weight
This is the thickness of the lines in the SVG file created. The value entered will represent a value in the current unit type setting.

Scale 72 ppi
The output svg file, by default, is scaled to match the sketch size in 96 ppi.  This default of 96 ppi is the modern universal scale used by all browsers and most applications. The option Scale 72 ppi is provided to support older applications specifically Adobe Illustrator.


This option allows a color selection for the lines representing Perimeter, Cutouts, Insets and Labels. The method used to interpret line types and assign colors to a 2D sketch image is as follows:

  • The Perimeter is the outer loop of a sketch
  • The first loops inside the Perimeter of the sketch is interpreted as Insets
  • Loops found inside the Insets are interpreted as Cutouts
  • Labels are text objects of the Fusion sketch


Fill Faces

When selected the faces inside their corresponing loops will be filled in with the selected color.  Use it to highlight features like insets, cutouts or top face (perimeter). The following is an example of an SVG butterfly image created when the Fill Faces option is selected

Butterfly Butterfly

Both the Lineweight and Color of lines can be used for controlling toolpaths for either laser or a CNC.  For example Red may result in a cut-through for laser and other colors may result is less intense results.