Post-Mapping Tasks

Once a map with component bodies is created there are a number of tasks which can be executed on the created map. To access these tasks right-click on the map component in the browse tree to bring up the context menu as shown here. A description of each task follows.

Task Descriptions:

Sample Report

Use the Map, Cutlist, Materials and Options links to navigate through the report. The Help link is disabled in this sample since it displays this help. While viewed in a browser, pages from the report can be saved to PDF or printed.

MapBoards Pro Report

Box 1 (3.87)

Board 1 - Pine Southern 6.000in x 9.500in x 0.15in

2.362in x 3.937in bottom 2.362in x 3.937in top 0.635in x 3.632in front 0.635in x 3.632in back 1.770in x 3.344in holderheart 1.753in x 3.328in holder 2.349x0.927 left 2.349x0.927 right
Board Qty Name(s) Material Width Length Thickness
1 1 holder Pine Southern 1.753 3.328 0.152
1 2 left,right Pine Southern 0.927 2.349 0.152
1 2 bottom,top Pine Southern 2.362 3.937 0.152
1 1 holderheart Pine Southern 1.770 3.344 0.152
1 2 front,back Pine Southern 0.635 3.632 0.152
Material Qty Width Length Thickness
Pine Southern (0.152 in) 1 6.000 9.500 0.152

Selected options:  ()

  • Arrange Type: Matching Lengths Vertically
  • Can Rotate Components: True
  • Unit Type: Inch
  • Decimal Precision: 3
  • Component Spacing: 0.135
  • Trim on Board Edge: 0.250
  • Ignore Thickness: False
  • Use Appearance: False
  • Labels: Apple Chancery - Size 16%
This option will display the help you are currently viewing when Help is selected in a generated report.