MacOS Install

To complete a new or update install of the add-in: 

  1. Verify that you are running the latest Fusion 360 version, version 2.0.18477 or higher
  2. Run the add-in Installer by selecting it in the Downloads directory, right-click and selecting Open to proceed with the install following the instructions.

After installing an App Store Add-Ins on MacOS and restarting Fusion you should check if the install was successful by doing the following.

  • Press Shift-S; select the Add-Ins tab; find the add-in in the list and verify that the add-in is running image
  • If the installed Add-In is not in the list or it is not running then follow the instructions below.

The following assumes that you have downloaded the install package to the default Downloads directory.

  • press Command-Space bar, to invoke Spotlight
  • type Terminal and press return
  • Copy & Paste one of the following at the Terminal prompt then press Enter:

  • For MapBoards Pro:

    sudo installer -pkg ~/downloads/MapBoardsPro_macos.pkg -target /

    For MapBoards:

    sudo installer -pkg ~/downloads/MapBoards_macos.pkg -target /

    For Save As SVG:

    sudo installer -pkg ~/downloads/SaveAsSVG_macos.pkg -target /

  • Type your password and press return

If the install was successful you will see the message:

installer: The install was successful.

Restart Fusion 360 to complete the install.